North West operates an integrated Supply Chain system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and which covers,

  • Procurement and Subcontracting with local and overseas companies
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics, expediting and transportation
  • Storage and preservation
  • The reception, reporting on, inspection, and control of materials
  • Product identification and traceability


The company practices a centralized procurement process with approved suppliers, of which one-third are foreign. North West procures a high value of materials each year.

The company’s procurement team has common knowledge of the local and international market, as well as the experience and resources to handle sea freight, air freight, import regulation, customs clearance and local transportation.

The continuous compliance of the procurement team with technical requirements ensures that any materials procured from third parties are manufactured from quality materials and conform exactly to client specifications.

Procurement operations are completely computerized and fully-integrated with our company’s material management system. A central database provides online information on vendors, purchase history and market trends in real time.

North West is deeply committed to e-procurement and the utilization of B2B e-markets on the Internet. It undertakes strategic sourcing activities and on-line negotiations with suppliers using the automated procurement workflows in ERP – Sun System by Gamma Corporation.

North West’s procurement resources, highly experienced staff, and e-procurement strategy enable it to the meet the demands of a company’s ever-expanding volume of projects on-time, under all circumstances.